Democrats Hang Biden Out To Dry

Photo by Erik Witsoe on Unsplash

Recent polls indicate that President Joe Biden lags behind several Republican contenders for the 2024 election, leading to growing unease among top Democratic officials and analysts about his prospects for a second term.

Throughout his presidency, discussions surrounding Biden’s age and well-being have been frequent. Such concerns grew after a challenging U.S. exit from Afghanistan in 2021 and significant economic turbulence due to heightened inflation.

A recent survey from CNN and SSRS painted a concerning picture for the sitting president, revealing he’s lagging behind multiple Republican potentials in theoretical one-on-one races.

Ex-Governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, surpassed Biden by 6 points in this poll. Others, including former Vice President Mike Pence, GOP Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, each had a 2-point lead over the president. Biden was on equal footing with Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis. Notably, ex-President Donald Trump was 1 point ahead.

Montana Democratic Senator Jon Tester expressed his concerns to The Hill, stating, “While there’s time to improve these numbers, their current state is undeniably worrisome.”

According to the CNN/SSRS findings, a significant majority of voters expressed grave concerns regarding Biden’s mental and physical capacity. Even within his party, 60% of Democratic respondents voiced fears about his chances in the upcoming election.

Respected Democratic strategist James Carville shared with CNN, “The polling results were less than ideal, highlighting the electorate’s growing reservations.”

David Axelrod, a strategist for ex-President Barack Obama, remarked on the nation’s discontent, emphasizing, “Based on these figures, if voters were to decide now, the outcome wouldn’t favor him.”

West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin observed that the electorate’s dissatisfaction wasn’t exclusive to Biden but extended to Trump as well.

Other recent polls echo these sentiments. A study by Redfield & Wilton Strategies for Newsweek revealed many Democrats’ concerns about Biden’s capabilities, given he’s the oldest U.S. president. An end-of-August poll by The Wall Street Journal found 57% of participants disapproving of Biden’s performance.

Conversely, some continue to champion Biden’s legislative successes, including notable bipartisan bills addressing infrastructure, firearms, and LGBTQ+ rights. Supporters argue that his government hasn’t been sufficiently recognized for its role in post-COVID economic resurgence and believe the inflation issue is largely due to external causes.

Delaware Democrat Senator Chris Coons told ABC News, “President Biden boasts an impressive tenure to campaign upon.” Connecticut Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal added that, while there’s room for improvement, it’s still early in the campaign journey.