Democrat’s Property Used for Illegal Activity

Democrat's Property Used for Illegal Activity

( – Every politician knows their financial records will be put under the microscope when they’re in office. But for one Wisconsin Democrat, those financial disclosures revealed he had received up to $50,000 in rental income from a likely illicit massage parlor.

On Wednesday, April 28, Fox News published an exclusive report detailing Representative Ron Kind’s (D-WI) relationship as a landlord to Asian Sunny Massage, a massage parlor that has advertisements on websites where people pay for illicit activities. When the parlor began in 2018, it operated under the name ‘Impression Spa’ and listed itself on the websites which connect buyers with opportunities for illegal sexual activity.

National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) communications director Michael McAdams shared the news as it broke:

According to the La Crosse Tribune, the local police department investigated the location last year but found that “nothing was substantiated” at that time. This week, the owner of Asian Sunny Massage denied providing any “services” other than those listed on the spa’s menu, and so far, Kind has not responded to the allegations.

Hopefully, as new information appears, local authorities can properly investigate just what happens at Asian Sunny Massage and if Ron Kind profited off of the alleged illegal activity.

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