Democrats Push Through Shocking New Law

Photo by Adam Szuscik on Unsplash

The U.S. Senate has decided to relax its dress code for its elected representatives. However, any others who step into the chamber are still expected to follow the dress guidelines, which stipulate suits and ties for men and business-appropriate outfits for women, as highlighted by Fox News reporter, Chad Pergram.

This shift in policy came after an announcement from Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer from New York, which was then detailed by the news outlet, Axios.

This move benefits Sen. John Fetterman from Pennsylvania, allowing him to continue wearing his signature hoodies and athletic shorts while representing the public. Following a six-week period at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center due to issues with depression and hearing loss, Fetterman had gained attention for his distinctive attire in the typically formal Senate. To navigate the previous dress regulations, the Senator would often cast his vote from the side doors, ensuring it was counted, and then quickly exiting, as mentioned in a previous AP article.

Commenting on Fetterman’s unique attire, Vermont Senator Peter Welch humorously noted to AP a few months ago that Fetterman seemed to be “charting a new course in Senate fashion.” Despite overcoming personal challenges, Fetterman’s laid-back style wasn’t always well-received, with even some members of his team suggesting more traditional attire. However, in response to the revised dress policy, Schumer remarked to Axios that he would stick to wearing suits. The update to the dress code is set to be implemented this week, as confirmed by Senate authorities.