Democrats Scramble to Push Through Key Agenda

Democrats Scramble to Push Through Key Agenda

( – The Left’s social spending plan first took center stage during the 2020 election, when Democrats promised their supporters Medicare expansion, a billionaire tax, clean energy initiatives, and paid family leave among other government-funded programs. However, almost a year into Biden’s first year in office, the Democrats’ key agenda remains stalled at the negotiating table.

Biden’s original spending plan had a price tag around $6 trillion, but conservative lawmakers quickly pushed back on that number, whittling it down to a $3.5-trillion budget resolution earlier this year. Now, there’s a clash between liberal lawmakers and their moderate colleagues like Senators Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) and Joe Manchin (D-WV).

The moderate Democrats forced the Progressives to cut down on the spending bill, likely axing paid family leave as well as other costly benefits. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) shared her priority in the Build Back Better legislation:

The latest reports do show expanded tax credits and universal prekindergarten included in the agreement. However, the more things lawmakers take out of the bill, the less likely Progressives will actually support it.

The White House and Democratic leadership simply want any social spending bill passed at this point, as President Joe Biden’s ratings are hitting all-time lows. But, the Democrats will have to find a compromise within their own party if they want to get this done.

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