Dems Ready to Dump Joe: Biden Has ‘Served His Purpose’

Joe Biden

( – For Joe Biden, the warning signs are growing. They’re growing, and the signs are not from the Republican Party. The warning signs are coming from the Democrat Party and the hard left who make up the mainstream, corporate media.

The warning signs are flashing red, and the message to Biden is that Democrats are ready to dump him and find someone else to take his place.

The Democrats believe that Biden has served his purpose by beating former President Donald J. Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election. Now they want to move on to someone who suits their leftist purposes better because average Americans are awakening to the fact that Biden is not mentally fit to be president. His poll numbers are sinking all Democrats just as they head into the crucial mid-term elections.

As Bob Anderson over at The Federalist asks, after first pointing out how many in the leftist mainstream media are ready to dump Biden:

Why did the media cover for an elderly septuagenarian with clear age-related issues, thrusting him into a job he was never truly capable of holding—and subjecting the nation to a dangerous period without a strong leader? It’s fine to have a mea culpa moment, and truth delivered late is better than truth denied forever, but as the nation stumbles along with a puppet president there should be some accountability.” [emphasis added]

Then after another detailed recitation of how Biden was selected by the powers that be in the Democrat Party because he was a “blank slate” they could write upon and turn into a moderate for purposes of winning the election, Anderson notes that because of his sinking polls that are impacting the fortunes of all Democrats, they’re ready to oust Biden.

Joe is in the process of sinking not only himself but also his party in the upcoming midterms and possibly the 2024 election, so the door to retirement is being planned. Perhaps Democrats will at least give him the courtesy of a final national address, a chance to read from the presidential teleprompter one final time.” [emphasis added]

What do you think? Do you think the Democrats are ready to push Biden overboard in favor of someone much further to the left? Email [email protected] and share your opinion.

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