DeSantis Has A Message For Woke Mob

Emma Weyant

( – In a stinging rebuke to the “woke” socialists all across the United States of America, conservative Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida declared that transgender “athlete” Lia Thomas did not win the NCAA 500-yard freestyle championship because, after all, she’s a man competing as a woman.

As Breitbart points out in “Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Declares Emma Weyant’ Real Winner’ over Trans Swimmer“:

“Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has proclaimed Olympic silver medalist and Florida native Emma Weyant to be the true winner of the NCAA 500-yard freestyle championship despite being beaten by transgender swimmer Lia Thomas last week.

Weyant, who came in second during the March 17 competition at the NCAA championships held at Georgia Tech’s McAuley Aquatic Center, received hearty congratulations from Gov. DeSantis during a Tuesday press conference WFLA reported.

“‘She earned that. We need to honor that appropriately,’ DeSantis told the media.” [emphasis added]

DeSantis went further, denouncing the NCAA:

“‘The NCAA is basically takings efforts to destroy women’s athletics,’ DeSantis added. ‘They’re trying to undermine the integrity of the competition. They’re crowning somebody else the women’s champion, and we think that’s wrong.'” [emphasis added]

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