DeSantis Sees Trouble

Ron DeSantis

( – Addressing the challenges facing the Republican Party, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) voiced concerns about the diminished enthusiasm among GOP voters, as evidenced by the recent Iowa caucuses.

This observation follows DeSantis’s own withdrawal from the GOP presidential race, where he finished significantly behind former President Trump.

In a Tuesday interview on BlazeTV, his first public appearance since leaving the race, DeSantis spoke about the feedback he received during his campaign.

He underscored a worrying sentiment among long-standing conservative voters, “When I have people come up to me who voted for Reagan in ’76 and have been conservative their whole life say that they don’t want to vote for Trump again, that’s a problem.”

The Iowa caucuses saw a notable decline in turnout, drawing just 110,000 participants compared to 187,000 in 2016.

While adverse weather played a role, DeSantis identified a broader issue of waning excitement within the GOP electorate. He stressed the importance of reinvigorating these voters.

DeSantis criticized the media’s portrayal of Trump’s victory as inevitable, arguing that this narrative impacted his campaign.

He noticed a trend among previous caucusgoers who, disheartened by the prospect of Trump’s re-nomination, decided against participating.

After ending his campaign, DeSantis chose to endorse Trump, despite having campaigned against him for months.

He warned of the potential increase in disengaged voters as Trump continues to secure primary victories, emphasizing their importance for the party’s competitiveness.

In an interview published just before his campaign’s conclusion, DeSantis again blamed the media for presenting Trump’s support as stronger than it was, leading to lower turnout for other candidates.

He criticized Trump’s low-profile campaign approach and the lack of media scrutiny over his avoidance of debates and voter interaction.