DeSantis to Libs: ‘Just the Beginning’

Ron DeSantis

( – Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, who has sent his first batch of illegal immigrants to the rich, predominantly Democrat community of Martha’s Vineyard, has vowed that his move was “just the beginning” and many more such shipments will follow.

At the end of last week, DeSantis flew some 50 illegal immigrants on two charter flights to the Massachusetts island, which includes the $12-million mansion of Barack Obama and residences of other leftist public figures such as Oprah Winfrey and Larry David.

DeSantis’ move followed in the footsteps of Texas GOP Governor Greg Abbott, who has been shipping off illegal immigrants to key Democrat-run communities, namely, Washington, DC, New York City, and Chicago.

The rationale behind this is to raise national awareness about the illegal immigration crisis to change the Biden administration’s policy while also relieving the migrant burden on the Southern Border communities.

After the illegal immigrants were removed from Martha’s Vineyard and sent to a mainland military base less than 48 hours after their arrival, Florida’s GOP Governor pledged to use the entire budget of $12 million that he has for the shipping of more migrants up north.

“These are just the beginning efforts. We’ve got an infrastructure in place now. There’s going to be a lot more that’s happening,” DeSantis promised, as cited by The Washington Times.

He made it clear he and Abbott were working together to remove illegal immigrants from their states.

The Florida governor explained that illegals flown to Martha’s Vineyard signed a waiver and received a packet including a map of the affluent Democrat-run island.

“It’s obvious that’s where the [migrants] were going. It’s all voluntary,” DeSantis added.

The White House denounced both DeSantis and Abbott accusing them of staging a form of “political theater.”

“These governors care [more] about creating political theater than creating actual solutions to help folks who are fleeing communism, to help children, to help families. Instead, they want to do political stunts,” said Karine Jean-Pierre, President Joe Biden’s press secretary.

On Saturday, the Texas governor, for the first time, sent a bus of illegals to the residence of Vice President Kamala Harris at the Naval Observatory in the nation’s capital, plus three more buses to New York City.

That occurred after Harris claimed in a TV interview that the Southern Border is “secure” despite the fact that more than 5 million illegals have entered the United States on her and Biden’s watch, including 1 million gotaways.

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