Dog Found After 3 Years Hundreds of Miles from Home

Dog Found After 3 Years Hundreds of Miles from Home

( – Some dogs love peanut butter while others drool over cheese. But, corn dogs actually came to the rescue of one Alabama dog after three years of separation from its family.

Back in 2018, Huntsville, Alabama resident Dixie Greenwell lost her precious dog, Charming. Despite countless search efforts, she was unable to find her canine even though she “always had a little bit of faith.” It’s a good thing Greenwell kept that hope alive.

Three hundred miles away from Huntsville, a woman named Faith spotted a dog walking around a Baldwin County gas station. She used a few corn dogs to bribe the four-legged friend to come over to her car. After scooping up the canine, she brought the dog to the Silverhill Vet Clinic where vets scanned for a microchip.

Thankfully, Greenwell microchipped her beloved dog Charming all those years ago, allowing the two to be reunited if ever lost.

ABC News shared a similar story, showing that no matter how much time passes, dogs can often find their way home:

This heartwarming story reminds Americans of the importance of tagging pets, whether with a solid collar with contact information or a microchip that the animal can’t shake off. Either way, it is always good to hear about a family reunited with its furry friend and how food can play an integral part.

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