DOJ Launches Massive Sting Operation Targeting 150 Criminals

( – In 2020 alone, almost 70,000 people in the US died from opioid overdoses. This epidemic of deadly drugs has affected almost every American family in some way. Thankfully, the Department of Justice (DOJ) continues to track down illegal substance traffickers and manufacturers and hold them accountable for the damages these drugs have caused.

DOJ Details Operation “Dark HunTor”

On Tuesday, October 26, the DOJ detailed their most recent international drug operation, called “Dark HunTor.” In conjunction with Europol and foreign enforcement agencies, the DOJ announced it arrested 150 people in total, including 65 in the United States. Germany came in a close second with 47 arrests.

In addition, operatives seized $31.6 million in cash and cryptocurrency, over 515 pounds of drugs, including cocaine, opioids, ecstasy, fentanyl, and meth, 45 firearms, and one very sporty car.

Administrator for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Anne Milgram, highlighted that traffickers are “flooding the United States with deadly, fake pills, driving the U.S. overdose crisis, spurring violence, and threatening the safety and health of American communities.” She emphasized the DEA and other agencies are doing their best to shut down any and all drug networks, and this operation was just one of many tools to accomplish it.

Working With International Partners to Crack Down on Crime

During the DOJ’s announcement, Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco spoke about how the US could not have done this without its allies. However, she made sure to put pressure on China and Mexico for harboring these drug traffickers. During her speech, she made it known that we know “precursor chemicals that go into these pills are coming from foreign labs in China and manufactured in Mexico” and that the US won’t stop pursuing this issue.

Looking to the Future

The isolation and stress that so many Americans experienced in 2020 fueled it to be the deadliest year on record when it comes to opioid deaths. While Operation “Dark HunTor” definitely took down quite a few criminals, traffickers are constantly finding new places on the dark web to sell and move their products. The demand for these drugs sadly has not changed, and suppliers will continue to push them as long as there’s still a profit to be made.

While Americans should celebrate this massive sting operation, it’s critical to remember that human connection and support is what can actually put an end to this opioid epidemic.

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