Dolphin Discovered Trapped in Pond After Hurricane

Dolphin Discovered Trapped in Pond After Hurricane

( – After a hurricane, residents expect to find some absurd sights, from dressers stuck high up in trees to cars carried blocks away. Residents surveying the damage from Hurricane Ida in Slidell, Louisiana last week, though, found something quite out of the ordinary: a dolphin.

On Monday, August 30, Slidell resident Amanda Huling saw a dolphin swimming around her flooded neighborhood. On Tuesday, Huling could still spot him meandering through the flooded streets. The lost creature ended up in a small pond as the floodwaters receded, allowing rescue workers from SeaWorld and other organizations to save him.

One ocean-loving group shared footage of the rescue, commending those who got their feet wet aiding the dolphin:

After a successful rescue, veterinarians confirmed the mammal was healthy and released it into the wild on Sunday, September 5.

While the severe damage from Hurricane Ida radiated all across the East Coast, quirky and uplifting stories like this remind us how life still goes on amidst the chaos, and with enough support, even those displaced from their homes can make it back. Hopefully, this little dolphin spends the rest of its life out in the ocean, right where it belongs.

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