Don Jr. Praises USA Gold Medalist Tamyra Mensah-Stock

Don Jr. Praises USA Gold Medalist Tamyra Mensah-Stock

( – Mainstream media often fails to tell the full picture of a situation, and it made no exception for one newly-crowned Olympic gold winner. Rather than sharing her incredible interview praising the United States of America and the freedom she has here, most media stations, if they chose to cover her story, highlighted other parts of her life.

However, Donald Trump, Jr. wanted to do justice to the young American wrestler and her speech, and praised her on Rumble and Twitter.

Trump Jr. Highlights American Wrestler’s Heart, Enthusiasm, and Joy

On Tuesday, August 3, Trump Jr., who is often booed on social media, shared an uplifting story of 28-year-old Tamyra Mensah-Stock who took home the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics for the women’s freestyle light-heavyweight category. Mensah-Stock is the second American to win the gold, and the first Black woman from the US to win a gold for wrestling.

The incredible athlete was so proud to represent America at the Olympics this year, especially after only participating in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games solely as a training partner. The US did not qualify in her weight class four years ago, despite her winning the trials ahead of the games. This year, she was seeded No. 1 and managed to beat No. 2 seed Blessing Oborududu, 4-1 in the finals.

Donald Trump Jr. shared the video of Mensah-Stock after she won the gold, praising her attitude, demeanor, and heartfelt words:

Highlighting How an Olympic Athlete Should Act

Trump Jr. highlighted that Mensah-Stock is not one of the popular “woke activist athlete types.” Instead, he noted the newly-crowned winner had infectious joy and enthusiasm, a selfless heart, and a positive view of America. In a culture where so many athletes seem to use the Olympics “as a platform to get attention” for themselves, she made sure to thank her nation for getting her there.

In a selfless move, Mensah-Stock announced she will be using her winnings to help her mother start a food truck, a dream her mom has had for five years. Americans have rallied behind this winner and her heart to support her mom as well, sending donations through Venmo to help her mom’s dreams come true.

Trump Jr. encouraged listeners to look for those athletes who are still patriotic, noting that while they’re “fewer and further between”, they are still there. This story goes to show that good news, good people, and incredible athletes are still out there. So as long as Americans take the time to look for them, they can be found.

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