Donald Trump Makes Special Request to State Governor

Donald Trump Makes Special Request to State Governor

( – In the wake of the 2020 election, accusations frequently circulated about election fraud and voter manipulation. Through months of research, a few key countries have come under the microscope for their handling of the presidential election. Maricopa County, Arizona is one of them. This week, former President Donald Trump is fighting for integrity and honesty as the votes get audited one more time.

On Saturday, April 24, President Trump released a statement “demanding” Arizona Governor Doug Ducey deploy state police or the National Guard to protect the Americans in charge of auditing the ballots. OANN host Natalie Harp shared his words on Twitter:

Currently, no direct threat from the radical left has been made against the citizens conducting the audit. Regarding this concern, in his statement, President Trump shows his loyalty to the patriots willing to count ballots yet another time in order to ensure our election was not tampered with or rigged. This shows Trump’s unwavering dedication to fighting for America, our values, and our future.

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