Donald Trump Teases 2024 Election Possibility

Donald Trump Teases 2024 Election Possibility

( – After the disappointing 2020 presidential election, Americans have been chomping at the bit to hear former President Donald Trump announce if he will make another run at the White House in 2024. While nothing has yet been formally announced, a new interview gave many party loyalists hope.

On Sunday, May 24, Dan Bongino debuted his new talk radio show in the time slot previously held by the beloved conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh. For the premiere, he interviewed President Trump and asked him what so many Americans have been dying to know, will Trump run for president in 2024?

Trump assured Bongino that his listeners will be “very happy:”

While Republicans are focused currently on taking back the House in the 2022 midterm elections, so many GOP members can’t help but wonder if President Trump is planning something big for 2024. Whether he runs for office again or mentors other incredible members of the party to walk in his shoes, we aren’t sure yet. But, we can confirm it will be worth the wait.

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