Donna Brazile Slams GOP

Donna Brazile

( – Seeking political relevance amid her party’s abysmal favorability ratings, former Democratic National Committee Chair Donna Brazile criticized the 2024 GOP presidential candidates, suggesting they lack the courage to tear into each other.

On ABC News’s “This Week,” Brazile urged GOP candidates to say that former President Donald Trump is unfit for office. She commended former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for voicing his criticism against Trump.

Brazile said that despite alleged private conversations amongst Republicans questioning Trump’s fitness, none have openly challenged his leadership in the race. She pointed out that Trump’s sustained position as the frontrunner in the Republican field is primarily due to his rivals’ hesitance to confront him directly.

Addressing the remarks made by Republican presidential candidate and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley on the same show, Brazile critiqued Haley’s attempt to balance criticism and praise of Trump.

Brazile stated that Christie stands out as the lone GOP candidate who has “shown some courage” by explicitly stating Trump’s unfitness for the presidency. Christie has not only been vocally critical of Trump but has also urged fellow Republicans to distinguish themselves from Trump.

Brazile said candidates like Haley should aim to present themselves as more electable alternatives to Trump. She argued that failing to openly disagree with Trump, particularly his views on immigration or the election results, undermines a candidate’s claim to electability.

In her analysis, Brazile emphasized that to be considered a viable and electable option, candidates must not only distance themselves from Trump’s views but also articulate their own vision and policies.

The conversation on “This Week” with Jonathan Karl underscores the Democratic narrative to entice infights within the Republican Party in the face of Joe Biden’s discouraging ratings in several polls. According to recent polling, Trump holds a commanding lead in the GOP primary with approximately 63% of the vote and leads Biden in several key battleground states.