Elderly Woman Booted From YMCA Because of Trans ‘Woman’

Transgender Ideology

(RightIsRight.co) – An 80-year-old woman in Washington state was kicked out and permanently banned from a local YMCA pool because she protested that a “trans woman,” i.e., a man claiming to be a woman, was present in the women’s locker room.

Julie Jaman, who lives in Port Townsend, Washington, told local media she was indignant to witness how the biological man was staring at naked underage girls using the locker room bathroom.

“I saw a man in a woman’s bathing suit watching maybe four or five little girls pulling down their suits in order to use the toilet,” Jaman told Seattle radio show host Dori Monson, as cited by Fox News.

“I asked if he had a penis, and he said it was none of my business. I told that man to ‘get out right now,'” the elderly woman revealed.

The incident with the man claiming to be a woman occurred on July 26 at the Mountain View pool, a City of Port Townsend facility run by the Olympic Peninsula YMCA.

Jaman explained further that she became aware of the trans employee’s presence in the women’s locker room while she was showering, and she “heard a man’s voice.”

She then reported the incident to a pool staffer only to be “stunned” to be told that she was “being discriminatory,” she “was banned from the pool forever,” and the police would be called.

“She didn’t ask me what the problem was, if I was okay, nothing about me. It’s as if she was just waiting to pounce on me. It was just stunning,” the elderly lady recalled.

The Port Townsend Police Department said that Jaman “had an emotional response to a strange male being in the bathroom” near underage girls and is hoping not to be “trespassed” from the pool.

Erin Hawkins, communications manager for the Olympic Peninsula YMCA, claimed that Jaman was banned from the pool after numerous violations.

“Julie Jaman was permanently suspended from the Mountain View Pool due to her repeatedly violating our Code of Conduct, specifically, using disrespectful words or gestures toward YMCA staff or others; abusive, harassing and/or obscene language or gestures toward YMCA staff or others,” Hawkins said.

“They do not provide alternatives for women who choose not to be undressing in front of men,” stated Jaman, who has been a pool member for the past 35 years.

Jaman and her supporters have held a protest outside the pool facility. Transgender activists have staged a counter-protest.