Elections: Trump Still Has The Midas Touch

(RightIsRight.co) – When it comes to endorsements that bring Republican political candidates victory in elections, Donald Trump still has the Midas touch. This past Tuesday’s Republican primary elections across the country provide the proof.

As Breitbart News recounts in “Trump-Backed Candidates 58-1 in Primaries Following Races in Nebraska, West Virginia“:

“Candidates backed by former President Donald Trump are now 58-1 in Republican primaries, as three Trump-endorsed candidates secured the Republican nominations in their respective races in West Virginia and Nebraska Tuesday, while one candidate came up short.”

After Tuesday’s results, candidates endorsed by the former president in primaries this year are an astounding 58-1.

Earlier this year, all 22 candidates who received Trump’s endorsement in Indiana and Ohio won on May 3, while another 33 Trump-backed candidates in Texas either won their primaries or advanced to runoffs.

Perhaps the biggest win of all was that of J.D. Vance in Ohio. Vance won the Republican U.S. Senate nomination after Trump gave a full-throated endorsement.

Bottom line: In the GOP, an endorsement by former President Donald J. Trump brings just about a guaranteed victory on election day.

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