Escaped Pigs Take Over Tennessee Highway

Escaped Pigs Take Over Tennessee Highway

( – A day in the life of a US congressman would typically involve meeting with advisors, taking calls from constituents, and working on issues close to the heart of the hometown. But, on this particular day, Representative Tim Burchett’s (R-TN) duties also included warning local citizens about two loose pigs on the road as he was driving down the highway.

On Tuesday, October 19, Representative Burchett tweeted, “somebody lost a sow hog on Alcoa Hwy,” and admonished his readers to “drive carefully.” In a quick response, the Knoxville Animal Control team went to his location and spotted the two large creatures just like the lawmaker reported.

Knoxville’s WBIR Channel 10 shares more:

The Knoxville Police Department highlighted the humorous event on Facebook, emphasizing that “you don’t see this every day.” Thankfully, the city’s animal control officers moved the hogs to safety before any accidents occurred. Hopefully, Wilbur and his mate stay in their pig pens from here on out, or they might become bacon sooner rather than later.

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