‘Evil’ Mother’s Dead Son Found WHERE?!

(RightIsRight.co) – In a bewildering and disgusting turn of events, an “evil” mother from Ohio reported her 8-year-old son as missing, only for police to find the young boy dead inside her attic.

According to the Columbus Police Department (CPD), officers took two women into custody, including the victim’s mother, Lashanda Wilder, after the child was reportedly found in a trash bag in her attic around 6 p.m.

Columbus Police Chief Elaine Bryant said that Wilder reported her son Martonio missing to police via phone call around 12 p.m. The mother also allegedly told authorities her son had not been seen after he lay down for bed Thursday.

The CPD stated that officers suspected “foul play” after arriving at Wilder’s home and assessing the situation. Martonio’s cause of death was stated as “neck compression.”

Moreover, an AMBER alert was issued for Wilder and her other two children, 9-year-old Mikhael Simon and 3-year-old King Wilder, several hours after Martonio’s body was discovered. They were reportedly located inside a relative’s home approximately 20 minutes later.

While Wilder has been charged with murder and obstruction of justice, the other suspect, Johnna Lowe, was also charged with obstruction of justice. Lowe is believed to be the 32-year-old mother’s partner.

Additionally, Wilder and Lowe were not cooperative when police were attempting to search for the boy. The mother opposed letting K9 officers in to search the house, a police report added.

Wilder’s brother described his sister to ABC 6 as “evil” and said her sons were in good moods whenever she was not around.

A neighbor, Raymond Bircher, described the child’s alleged murder as “sickening” to the outlet. “He should be right here playing,” Bircher said. “But instead he’s up in heaven.”

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