Ex-DNC Official Donna Brazile Claims Kamala Harris Is Fixing Problems Trump Started

Ex-DNC Official Donna Brazile Claims Kamala Harris Is Fixing Problems Trump Started

(RightIsRight.co) – Democrats love trying to rewrite history by skewing facts and making false claims. One former Democratic National Committee (DNC) official took it upon herself this week to attempt to change the narrative surrounding the Biden border crisis to lay the blame, once more, on former President Donald Trump. Of course, she also attempted to praise Vice President Kamala Harris while she was at it.

On Tuesday, June 29, Donna Brazile wrote an opinion piece for The Hill declaring in its title that “Harris is on a mission to repair Trump’s failed immigration policies.” One conservative shared about the article on Twitter:

In her article, Brazile attacked our 45th president for the “inhumane conditions, separating frightened children from their parents and treating southern neighbor nations like enemy invaders.” However, she failed to address the inhumane conditions seen at the border during Biden’s presidency and the enormous surge in the number of migrants, including criminals, drug dealers, and human traffickers, currently at our border.

She then added that Vice President Harris is seen as a “full partner” to Biden and that’s why she’s been given big-ticket political items to deal with, such as the border crisis. Brazile believes Harris has “made a good start” with the issues at hand but did not provide any actual evidence to support her claim.

It seems Brazile is living in a different reality when it comes to immigration. Rather than seeing the crisis through her current rose-colored glasses, perhaps she should take a trip to the border herself to see if Harris and Biden have truly made any progress to make our nation safer.

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