Ex NFL Player: Mark Cuban’s Presidential Future Over

Ex NFL Player: Mark Cuban's Presidential Future Over

(RightIsRight.co) – Over the past decade, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has played with the thought of running for President. But, Cuban’s latest move has destroyed any potential for a presidential run according to former NFL player Jack Brewer.

Mark Cuban Nixes the National Anthem from Home Games

This year, Cuban decided that the Star-Spangled Banner would not be played before tip-off at any of the Mavericks’ home games this season. NBA Insider Shams Charania shared the likely reasoning why the anthem was taken off the schedule:

Cuban faced backlash from fans and even the National Basketball Association (NBA). On February 10, the NBA released an official statement declaring that “all teams will play the national anthem in keeping with longstanding league policy.”

Jack Brewer Shares His Disappointment in Cuban With Listeners

On Thursday, February 11, Brewer spoke with Fox & Friends, declaring Cuban’s aspirations for a future presidential bid “officially over.” Additionally, Brewer told listeners that they must “pray for him,” as this decision shows “total disrespect” to Mavericks fans. Brewer pointed out how bold a move this was for Cuban, as his team plays in Dallas, Texas, the “heart and soul of America.”

Cuban Agrees to Follow NBA Guidelines

Shortly after the NBA released its official statement, Cuban spoke with the New York Times and said the team is “good with it.” So, while it’s encouraging that the team will comply with the NBA policy, Cuban has already shown his hand and thus destroyed any presidential future he could have had.

As major sports leagues in America are pressured by the Left and media to support the Black Lives Matter movement and anti-American Rhetoric, many have seen their ratings drop as viewers choose to tune out. By choosing to play the national anthem at every home game, the NBA has taken a stand to fight for America and unity. While Cuban may not run for president any time soon, perhaps someone at the NBA would consider taking his spot.

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