Experts: FBI Spy Plane Video Proves Kyle Rittenhouse’s Innocence

( – The other day, Right Is Right shared you with clips from a Federal Bureau of Investigation spy plane that captured much of the activity surrounding the shooting that led to Kyle Rittenhouse being charged with murder.

At that time, we stated, “Let’s cut to the chase. Suppose the newly revealed FBI surveillance video of the actions of Kyle Rittenhouse shows what many analysts believe it shows…In that case, Kyle Rittenhouse should be found not guilty of murder and every other charge the government has aimed at this young man. In fact, if the video is as it appears, Rittenhouse should never have been charged in the first place.”

We then produced for you the video clips as first posted by Jack Posobiec, a former naval intelligence officer and a Senior Editor at the conservative publication Human Events.

Today, we have the full video – not just clips that were pieced together – so that you can see exactly what happened just as the FBI saw it but hid it from the public until the trial that is currently underway.

Here’s the video.

What do you think? What is your opinion? After watching the video, do you believe it proves Kyle Rittenhouse is innocent of murder and the other charges the state has brought against him? Do you think the evidence shows that Kyle acted in self-defense? Why or why not?

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