Facebook Wrongfully Suspends Top Doc for Old Post

Facebook Wrongfully Suspends Top Doc For Old Post

(RightIsRight.co) – Big Tech’s harsh censorship simply knows no bounds. Its latest victim is an award-winning political science and law professor who has repeatedly spoken out against critical race theory and supported former President Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, March 23, Doctor Carol Swain spoke with Steve Bannon on the War Room about her recent suspension. According to the talk show, she was suspended from Facebook based on a post from two years ago in which she criticized Democrats for segregating the country. Swain is known as a fierce advocate against Marxism and as a firm supporter of President Trump’s 1776 commission.

Dr. Swain herself shared about the censorship and how far Big Tech had to dig in order to silence her:

Facebook and Twitter continue to seek out anyone who fights against their socialist Left ideals. Rather than allow free speech and an open public forum where ideas can be discussed, they fight to silence anyone who disagrees with their policies.

As a nation, we must stand together and support individuals who are silenced and give them a platform where we can all speak our minds freely and openly without censorship. Only then will America move forward as a nation.

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