Fake 911 Call Leaves Cop Wounded

Fake 911 Call Leaves Cop Wounded

(RightIsRight.co) – When police officers are called to a scene, they arrive expecting to see a crime underway. But, this week, a fake 911 call left one Nashville officer shot in the arm after an apparent set-up.

On Tuesday, May 4, someone called the Metro Nashville Police Department to a home on Sugarloaf Drive in Nashville alleging that a woman had been shot. Upon arrival, the officers attempted to negotiate with a man outside the house when Officer Brian Sherman was shot in his left arm by the suspect. Soon after, the man killed himself in the driveway with a rifle.

The police department believes the man, identified as Salman Mohamed, made the phone call. News 5 WCYB shares more:

As more and more anti-cop rhetoric is spread by the radical Left, the danger facing our law enforcement continues to rise every day. These heroes in uniform have sworn to protect our children, families, and communities and demand our respect and praise. Thankfully, Officer Sherman has been released from the hospital and lives to see his family another day.

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