Famed Actress Guts Biden

(RightIsRight.co) – After defending him just last week, famous actress Mia Farrow changed her mind about Joe Biden as she slammed him while saying it was time for him to “pass the torch.”

In a post on X, Farrow echoed the talking points that many Democrat leaders have been pushing in recent interviews.

“Time to pass the torch Or we will lose the Senate, the House and our Democracy,” the “Rosemary’s Baby” star said.

She further added that she would still “vote for Joe if he declines to step down.”

“Of course. But he is losing. We cannot EVER give our country to Trump,” she said before mentioning actor George Clooney’s op-ed in the New York Times that called for Biden to step down.

Moreover, the actress underscored that Clooney described Biden as not being the person he once knew, but as he was during the debate and they were together three weeks ago.

“So it wasn’t just that one night. I care deeply about our democracy I hope he names another talented Democrat who will carry forward Joe Biden’s great accomplishments – and win,” she commented.

On the contrary, Farrow’s statement contrasts sharply with her sentiments from July 3, where she said that Joe Biden has been the “best president since LBJ.”

“Joe Biden is no debater. He’s not even a great communicator these days. But he is an excellent decision maker & he has been the best President since LBJ. He has surrounded himself with brilliant, knowledgeable people who also care deeply about our country and about our lives,” she claimed.

Farrow concluded, “[I]f Joe decides to stay in office, he and his team will continue to make good decisions that are right for the people of United States of America and for the world.”

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