Famous Gun Inventor Dead

(RightIsRight.co) – The firearms community mourns the loss of a renowned creator who passed away at 94, leaving behind a legacy that reshaped the world of handguns.

Gaston Glock, an innovative force in the firearm industry, rose to prominence in the 1980s when he developed the Glock 17. This came at a time when the Austrian military sought a new, advanced weapon. Before this venture, Glock’s company was known for making military knives and even household items like curtain rods.

The Glock 17, a groundbreaking design, featured a frame made of a high-strength, nylon-based polymer, a significant departure from traditional all-metal guns. This lightweight, semi-automatic weapon, with its revolutionary approach, won over several competitors to secure a lucrative contract for Glock’s then-upstart company.

Gaston Glock’s creation gained immense popularity worldwide, becoming a staple among police and military forces. Its impact extended beyond just the military and law enforcement realms, as it became a cultural icon, referenced in films and music, including tracks by Snoop Dogg and the Wu-Tang Clan.

However, Glock’s success was not without controversy. Gun-control advocates criticized him for popularizing powerful, easily concealable firearms that could hold more ammunition. Despite this, Glock maintained a reclusive persona, avoiding public debates and media spotlight. Notably, in 2000, he stood out for refusing to sign a voluntary gun control agreement with the U.S. alongside other firearms manufacturers.

Glock’s life was marked by dramatic incidents, including surviving an assassination attempt at 70. The assailant, hired by an investment broker managing Glock’s assets, attacked him with a rubber hammer. Glock, having grown suspicious of the broker’s handling of his affairs, had confronted him in Luxembourg. Both the broker, Charles Ewert, and the attacker, Jacques Pecheur, were later imprisoned for the assault.

Glock’s personal life also saw turmoil. His 49-year marriage to Helga Glock ended in divorce in 2011, leading to a prolonged legal battle over alimony. He later married his second wife, Kathrin, who was significantly younger than him.

Known for his luxurious lifestyle, Glock owned a lakefront mansion and a high-end equestrian sports center in Carinthia, a venue for celebrity-studded parties. His death leaves behind his wife, a daughter, and two sons, marking the end of an era in the firearm industry.