FBI Issues Warning

(RightIsRight.co) – Since they could become potential targets for foreign terrorist organizations or their sympathizers, both the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security have issued a warning in regard to Pride Month events in June.

A statement from early this month did not detail any specific threats or intelligence indicating that any particular event, celebration, or individual is currently targeted.

However, it highlighted that foreign terrorist organizations have historically targeted or aimed to incite violence against holiday celebrations, including Pride events or LGBTQIA+-related venues, particularly within the heightened threat environment present in the United States and other Western nations.

The announcement included a reminder that these groups and their supporters have historically disseminated anti-LGBTQIA+ messages and have targeted related events and venues for attacks.

Additionally, the domestic security agencies have outlined several signs to watch for, such as violent threats conveyed online or through the mail.

They also warned that potential attackers might photograph security setups or access points at events, try to enter restricted areas, impersonate law enforcement, or engage venue staff in conversation to gather information about upcoming events and expected attendance.

The advisory also recalled the tragic shooting on June 12 at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, where 49 individuals were killed and 53 were injured during an LGBTQ+ “Latin Night.”

In turn, in June last year, authorities in Vienna arrested three individuals linked to Islamic extremism who allegedly planned an attack on a Pride event.

Nevertheless, the warnings are not confined to LGBTQ+ events, as Attorney General Merrick Garland highlighted the increasing violent threats facing election workers nationwide and pledged that the Department of Justice would be “relentless” in prosecuting those undermining the democratic process.

The focus on Pride celebrations also mentioned that in February 2023, an English-language message from IS included an article filled with anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric, urging opposition to the growth and promotion of the LGBTQIA+ community.

This IS message also encouraged attacks on “soft targets,” which typically include nightclubs, restaurants, and other civilian locations that are generally less guarded, although it did not specifically target LGBTQIA+ venues.

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