First-Person Account: ‘Hellish 20-Hour Journey’

Refugee Crisis

( – One aspect of the war initiated by Russian President Vladimir Putin against Ukraine that has received little attention so far is the humanitarian crisis that is quickly developing as his invasion forces destroy Ukraine and send tens of thousands of refugees across Ukraine’s borders into other countries – primarily Poland.

Now, in a series of tweets providing a first-person account of how “hellish” the journey is for those attempting to move themselves and their families out of harm’s way, we have an illuminating report of what is taking place.

As you’ll see in the thread of tweets that we’re linking to below, Manny Marotta, an on the ground, independent reporter who is covering the war, starts by describing the trip alongside other refugees as “…a hellish 20-hour journey undertaken in the middle of winter with thousands of refugees. I saw some terrible things.” He then goes on to provide his observations and experiences.

It’s a worthwhile read as we all get a better understanding of what’s happening in Ukraine.

One significant part of this is that Ukrainian soldiers prevent any man from the age of 18 up to 60 from fleeing the country and immediately conscripting them into the army to fight the Russians.

Please check out the Twitter thread below from an unbiased, independent citizen journalist (we need more men like this!) and then share your thoughts and opinions by emailing [email protected]. We are providing the first four tweets in the series/thread. You can click through to the others in the thread. Thank you.