Former Controversial Leader Facing Charges

Former Controversial Leader Facing Charges

( – Much police work demands community involvement. From alerting officers to a crime underway to providing details of a scene, every American has a duty to support local law enforcement. A few months ago, one person chose to lie to those sworn to protect us and is now facing a charge of being an accessory-after-the-fact.

On Saturday, May 1, Iowa City police arrested 20-year-old Mazin Mohamedali for allegedly interfering with a homicide investigation of a young teen. The murder in question took place at Mohamedali’s residence back in February. According to police documents, Mohamedali delayed calling 911 for about 30 minutes, provided false information to police when they did arrive, and deleted personal cell phone information that would have aided in the investigation.

The eastern Iowa Gazette tells more about the developing story:

Mohamedali once led the Iowa Freedom Fighters, a group that aligns itself with the Black Lives Matter movement. He’s previously been arrested on multiple drug charges and will go to trial on August 24. Hopefully, our law enforcement and legal system are able to bring justice to all involved in this messy situation.

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