Former FBI Agent Allegedly Confirms Antifa’s Presence at Demonstration

Former FBI Agent Confirms Antifa's Presence at Demonstration

( – As Americans begin to untangle the events that occurred on Wednesday, January 6, investigators are digging into just who was behind the demonstrations on Capitol Hill. Tens of thousands of Trump supporters rallied to hear the president speak, but the Gateway Pundit reports others may have been in attendance as well.

Wednesday evening, the Gateway Pundit reported that a former FBI agent at the Trump rally allegedly saw one or more buses of “Antifa thugs” get dropped off at the demonstration. Their source was Paul Sperry, an investigative journalist and conservative author. Sperry shared the following information on Twitter:

Many videos of the demonstration have surfaced on social media, including this one where it appears Trump supporters are criticising someone for breaking a window of the Capitol building while yelling “boo Antifa”:

The FBI is investigating just who made it into the Capitol building on Wednesday. A thorough search of social media and security footage will help bring justice to those who broke the law. As President Donald Trump has said again and again, Americans must hold fast to law and order if we are to move forward as a nation.

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