Former NFL Player Leads in Poll After Trump Endorsement

Former NFL Player Leads in Poll After Trump Endorsement

( – After any presidential election, political parties are quick to look forward to the midterm elections. As Republicans begin making their plans to take back the House and win over the Senate, a new poll shows former NFL player Herschel Walker leading the Georgia Senate race — if he should choose to run.

The Trafalgar Group conducted a statewide study from March 7 through March 9 to see what voter’s thought of Biden’s performance as president, as well as who’s most likely to win the 2022 midterms. When former NFL star Herschel Walker’s name appeared against Democrat Raphael Warnock, Walker had a 47.7% lead compared to Warnock’s 45.5%.

The day after the survey concluded, Donald Trump Jr. shared a statement from his father praising Walker and encouraging him to run:

Walker has been a friend of former President Donald Trump for over 37 years, but he has yet to publicly announce a political run. However, should he choose to do so, you can rest assured he’ll have a full endorsement by Trump and his supporters.

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