Former Walmart CEO Says Supply Chain Crisis a ‘Mess From Start to Finish’

Former Walmart CEO Says Supply Chain Crisis a 'Mess From Start to Finish'

( – As Americans begin to think about holiday shopping while still trying to get everyday goods to their doors, they’re watching prices rise and shortages strike the country once again. Former Walmart president and CEO Bill Simon, who obviously has extensive knowledge in this area, spoke about the supply chain crisis, highlighting that it’s “a mess from start to finish.”

On Friday, October 15, Simon met with anchors on the Fox Business Network to address the issues facing the supply chain. He highlighted that the country has labor shortages all the way from the ports to the shelves at stores. However, he also emphasized that as far as the crisis goes, getting people back to work is by far the easiest way to fix the issue.

Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo shared the segment on Twitter:

Simon acknowledged that President Joe Biden tried to speed up the supply chain by moving the Port of Los Angeles to operate 24 hours a day, but that’s not enough. Without more truck drivers and people willing to stock shelves at Target, Walmart, and similar stores, Americans will continue to feel these shortages and rising prices in the coming months.

Hopefully, the current administration will realize the severity of the need and move to get workers back to their jobs before the economy suffers even more.

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