Fox News Host Slams Biden’s Latest Decision

Fox News Host Slams Biden's Latest Decision

( – Last week, President Joe Biden spoke to Americans about his latest push for stricter gun control. However, the commander-in-chief quickly came under fire for his proposed actions and, understandably, for a few of the phrases he used as well.

On Saturday, April 10, Judge Jeanine Pirro spoke to listeners on her show and called out President Biden for his proposal to tighten restrictions on guns, shown here:

In his speech, Biden assured listeners that the new rules would not infringe on Second Amendment rights, but also that “no amendment to the Constitution is absolute.” Judge Pirro quickly responded to this phrase, wondering what other amendments Biden thinks he can change.

Understandably alarmed by Biden’s words, Pirro highlighted how “Hollywood elites” and the president himself have plenty of armed bodyguards, but they’re taking away the ability of everyday Americans to protect themselves. Pirro understands that the rights to free speech and gun ownership are usually first to go when a government oversteps its authority. With this, it’s vital that our citizens speak up about the rights and freedoms they believe are critical to our nation’s security and prosperity.

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