Fox News Star Who Kept Attacking Trump Leaves Network

Fox News Star Who Kept Attacking Trump Leaves Network

( – The 2020 presidential election brought many things to light, including the views and opinions of news anchors across mainstream media. But, a new report this week shows that a long-time star of Fox News no longer works for the major news outlet after being accused of spouting anti-Trump rhetoric for months.

On Friday, April 30, Fox News confirmed that its weekend anchor and seasoned correspondent, Leland Vittert, had left “mutually and amicably” after having been absent from the network since January. Vittert was known for pushing back hard against Trump’s claims of election fraud, especially when Erin Perrine, the Trump campaign’s Director of Press Communications, came on the show shortly after the election to discuss how Trump had hoped to reach 270 electoral votes.

Becker News CEO Kyle Becker shared the news on Twitter:

Former President Trump made it clear he also disliked the reporter in a 2019 tweet where he asked if Vittert and two other anchors were “trained by CNN prior to their ratings collapse?”

While Fox News did receive quite a few insults from President Trump over the past year, it seems the network may be trying to make amends through this parting of ways. But, only time will tell if the conservative news site will remain committed to GOP party values.

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