‘Frail’ and ‘Mumbly’ Biden

(RightIsRight.co) – In undeniable evidence that he is completely unfit for office, former collaborators from Joe Biden’s days as Vice President under Obama are highly concerned about the impact of his age on his current performance.

Describing the situation as unavoidably significant, former staff members have observed a major change in Biden’s physical and vocal presence, and describe him as “frail” and “mumbly.”

Former Obama lead speechwriter Jon Favreau shared his observations about Biden’s speech on the “Pod Save America” podcast, saying, “If you watch Joe Biden speak, oftentimes he sounds frail and he sounds more frail than he used to, even in 2019 and 2020.”

He pointed out Biden’s struggle with arthritis and his tendency to mumble, and emphasized that Biden’s age has become a pressing concern for most Americans.

Favreau stated Biden needed to be more visible and active in public appearances to counter these perceptions despite the risk of further gaffes. He also highlighted the damage of seeming absent or overwhelmed by global events.

Thinking along the same lines, Jon Lovett, another former speechwriter for Obama, urged Biden to showcase his mental and physical stamina through more public engagements.

“I’m sure that going out there means more missteps … more gaffes that start circulating, but if you don’t view Biden being out there as a net positive, then the argument he shouldn’t be running is right,” Lovett said.

Dan Pfeiffer, a senior adviser during the Obama era, also acknowledged the challenge Biden’s age poses to his reelection efforts. “It is a very real issue,” he admitted.

Pfeiffer argued that dealing with Biden’s age should be a top strategy for the reelection campaign and recognized that some voters are already doubting Biden’s fitness for office.

Additionally David Axelrod, a strategist for Obama’s campaigns, proposed a different approach and suggested that Biden should rely on his personality traits, including his temper.

“I would encourage Biden to be Biden,” Axelrod concluded and proposed an approach that embraces Biden’s true character as a strategy to connect with voters in an attempt to counter the clear perception that his age makes him unfit for office.