Gavin Newsom Can’t Understand Why His State ‘Looks Like a 3rd World Country’

California Governor Gavin Newsom

( – Did California Governor Gavin Newsom (watch the video further down this post) just have an eye-opening moment of clarity that will help the Democrat-Socialist realize his policies and those of his fellow California Democrats are turning the once great state of California into a third-world country?

After all, that was what he said as he reviewed the ongoing destruction and filth resulting from the ransacking of hundreds upon hundreds of railcars that have been broken into in recent months and their contents stolen – all the while leaving the carnage scattered all over the railyard where the thefts are occurring every day.

If you don’t know what’s been taking place in Los Angeles, California, watch the first video below and then watch the second video of Newsom referring to what he’s witnessing as looking “like a third-world country.” Then email us at [email protected] with your reaction to Newsom’s comments. Is it any surprise to you that California is sinking further and further into a criminal abyss given Newsom’s and the Democrats’ policies in that once great state?