Gavin Newsom Recall Effort Gains Historic Support As Replacement Becomes Possible

Gavin Newsom Recall Effort Gains Historic Support As Replacement Becomes Possible

( – At the beginning of August, California mailed ballots to every registered voter in its state. These 22 million Americans now have the choice to recall current California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) and pick his replacement or keep him in office until the next election. Polls show the recall is in a dead heat, which means replacing the liberal governor with a conservative could actually be possible.

California Recall Election Under Way

State Democrats elected Newsom in 2018, but he now faces major pushback for his COVID-19 policies and hypocrisy during the pandemic. Californians who disagree with their governor collected enough signatures this spring to secure a recall election set to take place September 14. Due to increased mail-in ballot usage, the election is already underway.

So far, voters have already returned over 1.5 million ballots, 57% of those from registered Democrat voters. While not all Dems will vote to keep Newsom, this does show strong support for the governor. However, Republicans often prefer to vote in person on election day, likely leading to a close race on September 14.

Campaigns in Overdrive as Election Day Looms

Both Democratic and Republican campaigns are out going door-to-door to wrangle votes. The California GOP currently has 66,000 volunteers contacting voters while Governor Newsom had Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) film an advertisement telling voters how to get to the polls. Newsom’s campaign to win the recall election raised nearly $60 million so far from different groups across the state, including unions.

Californians also report receiving hand-signed cards from local volunteers urging them to vote, while some are receiving copious mailings and text messages from various organizations.

Will Republican Larry Elder Come Out on Top?

With huge amounts of money and time going into this election, polls are simply too close to call. Right now, Republican Larry Elder is at the top of the list for options to replace Newson if the recall is successful. If this occurs, Republicans, who Democrats outnumber about 2-1 in the state, would have successfully swapped out a liberal for one of their own.

As the Golden State gets closer to the September 14 election, citizens will likely have a slightly better idea of who is in the lead with mail-in ballots. However, as we saw in the 2020 presidential election, those numbers can be misleading. So, over the next few weeks, Californians will be working in overdrive to get their candidate a leg up come recall day.

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