Gavin Newsom Recall Signatures Reaches a Whopping 1.5 Million

Gavin Newsom Recall Signatures Reaches a Whopping 1.5 Million

( – As Americans settle into the reality that COVID-19 will be around for at least a few more months, many are making changes to make the present a bit more bearable. For over 1.5 million Californians, that means rallying to get Governor Gavin Newsom (D) out of office in the hopes someone with a bit more integrity can take his place.

On Friday, February 12, the group “Recall Gavin 2020” announced it has over 1.5 million signatures on a petition to get a recall of Newsom on this summer’s ballot. On top of imposing ongoing lockdowns of schools and businesses, Newsom has broken his own stay-at-home mandates, angering many of his constituents.

The Republican State Leadership Committee shared its excitement for the movement and the implications it has for the 2022 midterm elections:

If Newsom is kicked out of office, securing a more conservative candidate, or at least someone who will apply reasonable governance, to take his place will be key. California has experienced some of the harshest attacks on freedom and privacy this year from its own government, so hopefully, the state is willing to switch things up a bit and opt for new leadership.

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