Georgia DA Fani Willis Gets Devastating News

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

On Tuesday, an ex-legal advisor from Trump’s White House tenure expressed doubt that the case Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has against the former President and his associates will see the inside of a courtroom within the next 24 months.

Late Monday, Willis presented a comprehensive 98-page charge sheet accusing Trump, along with 18 others, of trying to reverse the outcomes of Georgia’s 2020 election. She has expressed a desire to commence a trial in the coming half year.

However, Ty Cobb, who was part of the White House legal team for nearly a year starting in July 2017, believes that anticipating a trial in less than two years might be optimistic. He highlighted that it’s improbable for Willis’s case to precede the two lawsuits by Justice Department special counsel Jack Smith against the ex-President.

Cobb stated, “Considering the fact that we’re looking at 19 individuals and varied accusations, the pre-trial phase will be filled with a plethora of motions.” He stressed that adequately readying the case would be a lengthy affair, with potential requests for case separation and dismissal.

Furthermore, he suggested that if proceedings occur post the 2024 election and Trump is back in the Oval Office, it could pave the way for a landmark Supreme Court confrontation. He elaborated, “Should it span over two years and Trump reassumes presidency, it’ll raise the question of prosecuting a current president. This is uncharted territory.”

He continued by mentioning, “National prosecutors are restricted from indicting or prosecuting a sitting president. The jurisdiction of state prosecutors on this matter remains an open question, and it might considerably prolong the process.”

As per Willis’s directive, Trump, accompanied by the other 18 individuals, is required to present themselves in Georgia by August 25.