Ghislaine Maxwell Makes Major Prison Claim

( – Jeffery Epstein’s former girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, continues to claim that she’s “not guilty” of trafficking girls or committing perjury, even as she sits in jail without bail awaiting her July trial. While she waits, though, the British socialite has begun making some big claims from within the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York.

On Tuesday, February 16, a Manhattan federal judge received a letter from Maxwell’s lawyer, attorney Bobbi Sternheim, alleging abuse against Maxwell while she was in her cell.

The Sun shared some of the accusations made by the socialite and her lawyer:

The letter claimed Maxwell received a physically abusive pat-down search and was later “threatened with disciplinary action” when a guard demanded that she scrub a shower with a broom.

While all allegations of abuse will be investigated as needed, Maxwell and her lawyer are likely hoping to find her a way out of her expected prison sentence. But, Americans and women around the world can be thankful for our legal system and the fact that she, if and when convicted, will face justice for the lives she has allegedly ruined.

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