Giant Goldfish Overtake Minnesota Lake in Disturbing Trend

Giant Goldfish Overtake Minnesota Lake in Disturbing Trend

( – For some people, out of sight means out of mind. But, things hidden just beneath the surface can often wreak havoc on their surrounding environment. In Minnesota, thousands of goldfish released by their owners into lakes and waterways have been destroying the local habitats, uprooting plants and contributing to poor water quality nearby.

While this issue has been around ever since goldfish were welcomed into homes, it has become increasingly detrimental to many communities this year. Authorities in Burnsville, Minnesota spent their time removing enormous goldfish from local lakes and demanding residents stop dropping their now-unwanted pets into local waterways.

The city shared just a few photos of how enormous goldfish, an invasive species to North America, get when allowed to swim free in the wild:

The same issue has occurred at lakes near Chaska, Minnesota, Boulder, Colorado, and Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Although most states classify dumping unwanted fish into local rivers and lakes as “illegal fish stocking,” many Americans still do it without thinking about the consequences for themselves, their fish or the environment.

In order to protect our nation’s native species, as well as our water quality, it’s vital that people take responsibility for their pets and the environment. Rather than dropping Goldie into a pond, consider rehoming it or speaking with a local veterinarian about how to humanely dispose of the fish.

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