GOP Lawmakers Launch Attack at MLB

GOP Lawmakers Launch Attack at MLB

( – Major League Baseball (MLB) pulled its All-Star Game out of Georgia in an attempt to protest the state’s new voting laws after the Georgia governor signed a law requiring voters to show identification to cast a ballot. Many Republicans grew concerned over the political move made by the governing organization of America’s national pastime. So, GOP lawmakers decided to turn up the heat on the MLB as retaliation for its political stunt.

MLB Could Lose Its Special Exemptions

Currently, the MLB is protected from antitrust laws in an effort to preserve what once was our nation’s most cherished sport. But, now that the MLB is playing politics, Conservatives want to take away the power the MLB has derived from its exemption. So, 5 Senators and 29 Representatives just brought forth legislation that would strip the MLB of its antitrust protections.

GOP Lawmakers Rally Against Woke Culture

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), a co-sponsor of the bill, affirmed that her state won’t back down on their election reform laws requiring voters to use IDs to vote. She noted that most MLB games require ID to pick up tickets, an act that’s not nearly as critical a citizen’s right to an honest vote. She added that with this latest stunt, the MLB was acting like “a de facto Democrat SuperPAC.”

Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) wasn’t far behind in her criticism of the MLB, warning other corporations that “if you go work, you go broke.” She argued that if an organization is willing to use its influence in the political realm, it should not be protected by the government’s antitrust laws and thus must follow the same rules that other businesses face.

Whose Side Is the MLB On?

It’s puzzling that MLB has done business with Cuba and the Chinese Communist Party, but fails to support the state of Georgia for protecting its election integrity. This action begs the question of what, or who, the MLB is truly fighting for and makes us wonder if the organization even has a future in this country.

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