GOP Never Trumper Demands Trump’s Immediate Arrest

Donald Trump

( – Steve Schmidt, a one-time heavyweight within the Republican Party who is now only influential among his fellow GOP members of the Never Trump movement, has responded to US Senator Lindsey Graham’s statement that there will be riots in the streets of America if Trump is arrested and prosecuted.

According, to Schmidt, in a piece he published on (and republished in almost its entirety on Twitter) headlined “Trump’sĀ arrest may cause violence – It doesn’t matter“:

  • “The United States has been threatened by better thugs than Trump and Lindsey Graham. Tolerance for violent threats by elected officials against the US Constitution they swore to protect will produce more threats that will yield to violence. 100% percent chance.”
  • A season of political violence has already begun in the United States. It was inaugurated by Trump and his violent incitements and includes both the 1/6/21 insurrection and the Buffalo mass shooting where replacement theory was the motive. It will be ended or worsen. Period.”
  • “Threats of violence against the government Of the People, By the People, For the People are threats of violence against the people. Trump and Lindsey Graham are threatening all of us. It is despicable and unacceptable.”
  • There is no conceivable amount of MAGA-initiated terrorism and violence that should deter a Trump arrest. Threats of violence may be real or not. Enforcing the law should not be dictated by thuggery but rather by justice.” [emphasis added]

As you can see, Schmidt’s position is, potential civil war be damned, arrest Trump now.

Will that come to pass?

Will Trump be arrested?

Will there be violence in the streets if he is, as Graham predicts?

Time will tell.

If you’d like to see Schmidt’s entire Twitter thread on this issue, click HERE.

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