GOP Rep.: No Pathway for Nikki

Nikki Haley

( – Despite the efforts to keep Republican representatives on her side for the upcoming presidential primary elections, Republican US Representative Greg Murphy believes that former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley does not have a good path in the election race.

According to Murphy’s insights, Trump holds a strategic advantage in North Carolina as the Super Tuesday elections approach and he has confidence in Trump’s potential White House triumph.

Likewise, the North Carolina Republican said, “I don’t see a pathway for Nikki Haley. I think she does have a significant following but not enough to do anywhere near what would be needed to damage President Trump.”

Murphy also expressed skepticism about her chances and he acknowledged Haley’s substantial following but he believed it insufficient to pose a credible threat to President Trump.

Trump also has what it takes to oust President Joe Biden, Murphy said, because under Biden “we’ve seen the destruction of a nation” when it comes to immigration and the economy.

In addition, Murphy criticized Biden’s foreign policy and added:

“This has been the weakest president in foreign policy we’ve had since Jimmy Carter. I still feel very strongly what happened to Afghanistan caused what happened in Ukraine. So in all of these factors, especially with Hispanics, especially with Black Americans, President Trump is saying, Hey, look, It was a hell of a lot better, under him.”

Regarding Haley’s recent NBC interview where she indicated a lack of commitment to endorsing the eventual GOP nominee, Murphy found this stance “problematic.”

He acknowledged Haley’s success in navigating campaign differences but stressed the importance of choosing between the Republican and Democratic paths and speculated that she aligns more with Trump’s vision for the country than with Biden.

In regard to potential outcomes, Murphy urged Haley to gracefully “step out period” if she loses the nomination to Trump, instead of trying to pursue a third-party endeavor.

“There are some things you know that some people dislike about [Trump], which he’ll even admit, but you know the fact that the bottom line is the Democratic Party is destroying this country,” said Murphy.

He also added that if Haley does not win the primaries this upcoming Tuesday she should withdraw and endorse Trump to facilitate the Republican mission of restoring the country to its greatness.