GOP Rep.: Republicans Will Investigate ‘40 or 50 Different Things’

US Rep James Comer

( – Republican US Rep. James Comer of Kentucky has vowed that the GOP will investigate dozens of “different things” in the new House of Representatives.

Comer is expected to become the head of the powerful House Oversight Committee in the new Republican-majority House after the new US Congress convenes in January.

The GOP will have 222 votes in the House, with 213 for the Democrats, the reverse of the chamber’s current makeup.

Speaking on the NBC program “Meet the Press” on Sunday, Comer stated the Republicans “have the capacity” to carry out multiple investigations.

“We’ll have 25 members on the committee, and we’re going to have a staff close to 70. So we have the ability to investigate a lot of things,” Comer told NBC anchor Chuck Todd.

Earlier this month, after the GOP clinched the House majority, Comer and other House Republicans gave a press conference promising investigations into crucial issues. These included First Son Hunter Biden’s foreign business affairs and President Joe Biden’s loss in the war in Afghanistan last year.

In his interview, Comer slammed the current Democrat leadership of the House Oversight Committee for failing to probe the Biden administration while conducting investigations on issues the committee “has absolutely nothing to do with.”

“Over the past two years the Democrats on the House Oversight Committee haven’t investigated anything in this administration,” the Kentucky Republican stated.

The GOP lawmaker revealed one of the committee’s priorities under his likely leadership would be to investigate the government spending of COVID-19 pandemic funding.

He pointed out that billions of taxpayer dollars had been lost because of fraud in programs such as the Paycheck Protection Program.

“These are things that are going to be priorities for us as a committee: waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement. That’s going to be the goal of the House Oversight Committee,” Comer promised.

In the same interview, the Kentucky US congressman also criticized former President Donald Trump for having a dinner meeting in his Florida home last week with rapper Kanye West and far-right figure Nick Fuentes.

“He certainly needs better judgment in who he dines with. I know that he’s issued a statement. He said he didn’t know who those people were,” Comer commented when asked if Trump’s meeting with West and Fuentes was a “mistake.”

“I would not take a meeting with- with that person, though. I wouldn’t take a meeting with Kanye West either, but that’s my opinion,” the congressman said.