GOP Senator Puts the Breaks on Biden’s CIA Pick

GOP Senator Puts the Breaks on Biden's CIA Pick

( – As President Joe Biden continues to push his nominees through the Senate, one GOP Senator is pushing back in hopes of getting Biden to toughen up on his stance against Russia.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is trying to delay the confirmation of William Burns, Biden’s pick for CIA director. By resisting the confirmation as much as possible, Cruz hopes to nudge the Biden administration to sanction Russian construction on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. If left unopposed, the gas line would give Russia a powerful hold on Europe, something which is clearly not desirable.

Cruz shared his demands on Twitter:

This decision comes right after 40 conservative Senators asked Biden to impose more sanctions on the Russian energy company Gazprom. According to Reuters, the company is likely to finish the project by September if no additional sanctions are introduced.

While Cruz’s delay is unlikely to fully stop the nomination, we’re thankful for his perseverance in fighting for our nation and the world’s future security.

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