GOP: Test Biden for THIS!

( – Several Republicans have suggested that Joe Biden should undergo a drug test before his debate with former President Donald Trump.

They point to his oddly energetic delivery during this year’s State of the Union address, which contrasted with other more muted public outings.

On Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina was asked whether Biden should be tested.

He replied, “Why not?” He elaborated on his views by stating, “The truth of the matter is if you saw the State of the Union and you watched that performance, it was surreal. There was something going on, and if we could find the truth of what it was, we’re all better off.”

“If it takes artificial stimulation to make the President of the United States perform, how often can he do that?” he added.

Representative Anna Paulina Luna of Florida also advocated for Biden to be tested. She highlighted the gravity of his role, noting, “We’re talking about someone who has the ability to launch nukes.”

Luna linked her request to broader concerns about Biden’s mental fitness, which have led House Republicans to demand access to audio recordings of Biden’s interviews with former Special Counsel Robert Hur

However, the White House has shielded these records with claims of executive privilege.

Trump himself has been vocal about the issue, stressing it during a rally in Minnesota. “I just want to debate this guy … and I’m going to demand a drug test too, by the way,” Trump declared.

“I am. No, I really am. I don’t want him coming in like the State of the Union. He was high as a kite,” he continued. “I said is that Joe up there? … And by the end of the evening … he was exhausted, right? No, we’re going to demand a drug test.”

Adding a medical perspective, Representative Greg Murphy from North Carolina, who is also a trained surgeon, commented last week that Biden seemed unusually stimulated during his speech.

“I absolutely believe that from a medical viewpoint, actually I have a little bit of good knowledge that that happened. He can’t stand it. He can’t stand under the lights for that long. And I don’t think he can keep a concept in his brain that long,” Murphy observed.

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