GOP to Voters: Do THIS!

Republican flag

( – In a move that is part of a larger effort to boost voter turnout and engagement ahead of the elections, The Republican National Committee (RNC) started a very ambitious project ahead of the election.

THE RNC has recently expanded its “Bank Your Vote” initiative by launching websites in all 50 states and in a variety of languages, aiming to encourage and educate GOP voters on early and mail-in voting.

The initiative, which focuses on pre-Election Day voting, aims to build on absentee returns and early in-person voting.

The newly launched websites are available in 16 languages, including Arabic, Assyrian, Burmese, various forms of Chinese, Hebrew, Hindi, Hmong, Japanese, Korean, Navajo, Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese, and Yiddish. This multilingual outreach demonstrates the RNC’s commitment to engaging with minority communities.

RNC officials explained that these websites are designed to be comprehensive resources for voters, assisting them with tasks such as requesting ballots online or by mail, registering to vote, checking their registration, and finding early voting locations or polling places on Election Day.

Plans are in place to add more features to these websites as the election year progresses, with a goal to empower voters to cast their ballots early.

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel emphasized the importance of early voting for Republican victories, stating to Fox News Digital, “When Republicans vote early, we win. ‘Bank Your Vote’ will be instrumental in getting Republicans to vote early or by mail to beat Biden and secure Republican victories up and down the ballot.”

The campaign includes a video featuring endorsements from GOP figures, including former President Trump.

In addition to the websites, the RNC has strategically placed political staff in 15 battleground states, focusing on states like New York, California, and Montana.

These teams are working on a data-driven ground game, which includes voter registration efforts, minority outreach, and mobilizing Republican voters through various means such as door knocks, phone calls, and volunteer recruitment.

The RNC has also established Election Integrity directors in 15 states and created a full-time Election Integrity Department as part of its infrastructure.

This department’s role includes filing lawsuits, hiring in-state election integrity directors and counsels, and recruiting and training poll watchers and poll workers.

Currently, the RNC is engaged in over 70 lawsuits in 20 states, with 42 of these lawsuits focused on ensuring the security of mail voting.