Govs to Biden: ‘Your Obligation, Your Duty’

Red light

( – Reminding Joe Biden that his policies are endangering America to a never-before-seen level, thirteen Republican governors joined Texas Governor Greg Abbott while he addressed Biden directly.

In a gathering in Eagle Pass, Texas, Abbott told Biden it was high time to tackle the issue of illegal aliens entering the U.S. via the southern border. Leading the challenge from a frontline state, Abbott is pushing back against the Biden team’s sluggish response over the immigration troubles and their unwillingness to stop illegal crossings.

Abbott did not hold back his criticism of the Biden administration’s mishandling of border safety. He said the federal government dropped the ball and that it is up to it to make sure the country’s laws are followed.

“Joe Biden, it is your turn now — your obligation, your duty, to follow the laws Congress passed and secure the border, just as Texas has,” Abbott stated.

This tug-of-war has been going on for a while, with Texas doing its best to limit illegal crossings. One of the more heated moves was when state officials cut off U.S. Border Patrol from getting into Shelby Park in Eagle Pass.

Abbott also said erecting razor wire barriers has been a major tool in cutting down illegal entries locally, which shows that Texas is working toward keeping the border secure.

Additionally Abbott talked about the Constitutional rights that enabled him to act since Biden made it too easy for people to enter the U.S. without permission. Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders also spoke and said the federal government’s lack of action forces states like Texas to step in.

“Because of his failures, Governor Abbott is having to step up, governors from across the country are having to step up and do the job of the federal government because they simply won’t,” Sanders stated.

The Governors who attended the event were Sarah Huckabee Sanders from Arkansas, Brian Kemp from Georgia, Brad Little from Idaho, Eric Holcomb from Indiana, Kim Reynolds from Iowa, Jeff Landry from Louisiana, Tate Reeves from Mississippi, Mike Parson from Missouri, Greg Gianforte from Montana, Jill Pillen from Nebraska, Chris Sununu from New Hampshire, Bill Lee from Tennessee and Spencer Cox from Utah.