Hawley Says Fighting Abortion Morally Akin to Fighting Slavery

Hawley Says Fighting Abortion Morally Akin to Fighting Slavery

(RightIsRight.co) – Looking back on our history, most Americans agree that slavery is a scar that taints our nation’s history. Now, the idea of one human owning another is unacceptable in our nation and considered evil, as most Americans believe every person is created equal and thus should have equal rights. This week, Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) used this reasoning to compare pro-life advocates’ fight against abortion to abolitionists who fought against slavery for decades.

Hawley Speaks Out on Capitol Hill

On Wednesday, June 16, Senator Hawley spoke during a Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing on the Women’s Health Protection Act. The bill, proposed by Democrats, would give health care providers “a statutory right” to provide abortions to their patients.

Hawley pushed back against the bill, noting how abolitionists fought for years against the moral evil that is slavery until the nation’s perspective on it changed. He compared that to how pro-lifers are fighting a battle that, one day, he hopes they will win. Hawley noted that he looks “forward to the day when we look back and say, how could abortion have ever been allowed in this country.”

Hawley shared his passion for everyone’s right to life on Twitter:

Hawley’s Words Highlighted the Life of Melissa Ohden, an Abortion Survivor

During the hearing, the committee heard from Melissa Ohden, a woman who survived an attempted abortion at 31 weeks. After doctors first told her mother she was only 18-20 weeks pregnant, the doctors attempted to kill the baby with a saline solution. After five days, Ohden was finally born alive. Since her traumatic birth, Ohden has pieced together her birth story, which included a “tall, blonde nurse” who “couldn’t just leave her there to die” contrary to her family’s wishes.

For someone to experience such a horror is unthinkable, yet it happens in our nation. Senator Hawley and so many other GOP lawmakers continue to fight for the lives of the unborn, no matter how small. They do this despite the Left’s constant push to dehumanize children and babies and tell women that they can do whatever they so desire to their bodies without consequences.

The Right to Life Heads to Congress Again

Pro-abortion organizations that make millions off the industry are strongly pushing for what they call “women’s health.” They are using their social media presence to ask voters to reach out to their representatives to ask for abortion access and pass the Women’s Health Protection Act. However, the GOP, led by senators like Josh Hawley, is fighting back.

Now is the time for those passionate about the fact that every human being is equal and deserves equal rights, to reach out and encourage their representatives to fight for the unborn. Our democracy runs off of citizens sharing their opinions and desires with their lawmakers, who in turn help create a nation and laws that we can be proud of and support.

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